Friday, April 9, 2010

::Team Carlisle:: Peter Facinelli promotes Nurse Jackie's Twitter Contest from his official website

Season two Nurse Jackie, which debuted on March 22nd, has brought in a real-time interactive Twitter page for Peter Facinelli's character, Dr. Fitch Cooper, as well as another Twitter-based contest for fans of the series.

The contest involves one of Showtime's official Twitter pages (@Sho_Liz) as well as a bit of letter clue unscrambling.

This is the contest overview from Peter Facinelli's official website :

To celebrate Season 2 of Nurse Jackie airing on SHOWTIME, we are holding a contest for the fans of the series on the social networking website, Twitter. Throughout the course of the contest, 'Tweets' will be released from the SHOWTIME account, @SHO_Liz, in which one letter of the 'tweet' will be isolated from the others. These isolated letters should be collected throughout the duration of the contest in order to help solve the trivia question that will be posted on May 11th. However, please note that not all tweets from @SHO_Liz will contain a 'clue.'

Here is an example of what the contests tweets will look like: @SHO_Liz: Looking forward to ne(x)t week's episode of Nurse Jackie on SHOWTIME! The isolated letter in this tweet is the letter "x"

So what do you need to do to participte? Simply follow the steps below.

1. Follow @SHO_Liz to ensure you won't miss any of the contest tweets. They will be deleted after 24 hours.

2. Collect and save the isolated letter 'clues' posted throughout the contest's duration.

3. On the final day of the contest, we will post a trivia question pertaining to the May 10th episode of Nurse Jackie.

4. Unscramble the letters that were collected throughout the contest to reveal the answer.

5. After you have figured it out, tweet your answer to @SHO_Liz. If you're correct, you will be entered in the drawing.

6. All contest entries must be received no later than 11:59pm, EST on May 13th to be eligible for inclusion in the contest

7. A winner will be randomly picked and announced via the @SHO_Liz Twitter on May 14th. Good luck!