Saturday, February 20, 2010

::Team Twilight:: Fan Fiction Friday Resumes!

Hello Sparkly Ones,

We'd love to apologize to all of you for being absent for so long, but we just can't.

You see, we gathered with our laptops & wine (lots and lots of it) to discuss our postings for the week. Then the snow came. And more. And then some more.

Meanwhile, these four solid hunks of men managed to somehow find our cabin, and YES we did invite them in.

Six long weeks later....

So, now we're back with smiles that can't be chiseled off our faces.

We would also like to announce the addition of a new Fan Fiction feature. In order to help you avoid those horribly bad stories, we have decided to institute The Dog House. We're trying to keep you from stepping into those smelly, steaming piles of poo that exist out there.

Keep an eye out on Friday for lots of new hotness to keep you toasty warm until old man winter is done with us. We know you h00rs want it!

Thanks again to Cullen Sister, @CullenLoveShack and @ForksPixie - ::Team Twi-Smut:: for picking these juicy lemons for us!