Thursday, February 11, 2010

::Team Edward:: A personal message from Lisa about the Remember Me spoilers.

Hello my Sparkly Ones,

I have had a long think on this subject today and I have come to a decision.  I have decided The Love Shack is not going to post anymore Remember Me spoiler scenes to the blog.  This is not Twilight, where we all know the story and the outcome.  This is a new movie, a new story - and it's just not fair.  The fandom goes a little apeshit with posting every little thing.  I think this is detrimental to seeing this movie.  I do know the story but many, many people who are new to the Fandom don't know it and it's just not fair to give it all away.

Sooooo.  The Love Shack staff will not post anymore spoilers.  If there are new HOT still shots or info about the Premiere, Red Carpet, Talk Shows and the Press Junket you can trust we will post it.... but we're done with the spoiler scenes.  I do hope you understand and you will go spend your 8 bucks to go see this movie!!!!!

Dazzling Hugs!