Thursday, January 7, 2010

::Team Twilight:: Why didn't we see our huge win on the People's Choice?

Good Morning Sparkly Ones,

I am distraught this morning. Well, just a little. Why didn't we see our HUGE win on the People's Choice Awards last night? Ok it was good. I do dearly love me some Queen Latifah and Johnny Depp but after looking at the actual WINNERS I am kinda pissed. It was a TWI-FECTA!

If you watched even a tad of the show last night you know they only showed TayTay winning. Weeeeeel now... that is so not the story!

Now that the winner's have been released we know that Twilight DOMINATED the awards. MEGA dominated, but we saw NOTHING.

And that, my lovies, is why I am kinda pissed!!!

Ok, We vampire lovers can give a few kissey kisses to the dog every now and again but when Twilight wins for The People's Choice as BEST MOVIE and we don't get to see that I get a little unhappy!!!!

So far as I can tell we kicked ass for The People's Choice as:

Best Movie - Twilight
Best Soundtrack - Twilight
Best Rock Band - Paramore for Decode
Best on Screen Team - Rob, Kris and Tay
Best Movie Franchise - Twilight

According to all the Hollywooders Twilight FTW on all accounts! Now why didn't I get to see that on the show. Yes Lord Johnny Depp is hot but he is not Edward Freaking Cullen.

Ok I have vented. Enjoy your day.