Monday, December 14, 2009

::Team Edward:: Robert Pattinson fans continue to seek respect for the actor

When a man or woman signs their first major motion picture contract, they are in essence signing away a large portion of their former life. It's no secret that paparazzi lurk around every corner in Hollywood, and as such, most people expect celebs to be fully prepared to have all angles of their life exposed on camera each and every week.

Robert Pattinson's fans, however, are taking a stand against the paparazzi and issuing yet another call for more respect for their favorite Hollywood man.

This summer I wrote about Pattinson fansite's initiative to gain respect for Rob among all fans. In an effort to expand their horizons and reach out to a larger segment of the fan base, the site owners Angie and Karee recently re-launched the campaign.

With Rob doing some international filming for his upcoming roles in Bel Ami and Unbound Captives, the new and improved Respect Me campaign has a worldwide focus. The new Respect Me site is still a work in progress, but at this point in time fans can leave their comments about Rob and respecting him in the guest book, check out some fanmade media related to the campaign, and of course grab a 'Respect Me' banner or button for your website, blog, Facebook, or other website!

The re-launch of the Respect Me campaign happens to coincide with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's signing of a new piece of anti-paparazzi legislation. This new law not only goes after paparazzi photographers themselves, but also after the various media outlets that purchase the photographs. As of January 1, 2010, paparazzi in California will no longer be allowed to photograph celebrities in personal or family related activities. There is a fine of up to $50,000 for violations, and this extends to any media outlets that purchase photographs of this nature.

The questions now is will a law like this really help protect celebrities like Pattinson from having too much of their lives exposed (and, in some cases, their lives endangered) by the paparazzi? And is the law really going to be beneficial if it's only applicable in California borders?

What are your thoughts about the Respect Me campaign? The paparazzi? The new California law? Comment below with your feedback!