Saturday, March 17, 2012

::Team Twilight:: Story Teller Saturday

May your day be touched by a bit of Irish luck, brightened by a song in your heart, and warmed by the smiles of the people you love. And if you find you're in need of a little bit of green to keep from getting pinched, come to the door at the back of the shack, it’s been painted green just for today, knock your favorite Celtic tune and the password is "Ireland". Be Safe!


Bella was right, I thought to myself as I sat staring out the window. This place is really green. Of course, being that it was going to be a St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the green was fitting and made me wonder if there really were any leprechaun’s out there in the forest. All that moss would camouflage them quite well assuming they were wearing all green.

Giggling from my musings, I heard the door swiftly open and close. I turned toward the door, expecting to see one of my usual visitors, but was surprised to find three complete strangers standing in my lab.

“Oh, Hello!” I exclaimed. “Is there something I can do for you?” I rose to walk toward them and they likewise turned in my direction. The two tallest of them both had dark hair while the smallest one had hair the color of fire, as I got closer I saw their eyes, all three were red.

With a gasp, I froze; my heart beating out of my chest. The tall dark haired woman moved with purpose toward me, stretching out her hand and smiling. “Well, I’m Siobhan, this is Liam and Maggie. Are you, Andi?”

“Yes.” I squeaked out without taking a breath.

“Carlisle said it would be alright if we visited ya while we were here for the Irish holiday that Alice has planned.” She said in a rush and I let out my breath in a whoosh and attempted a smile.

“Then welcome, I guess,” I said with a nervous giggle and shook her hand.

“No boher blade,” Liam said as he joined his mate. “Take her handy.”

“What?” I asked a little confused.

Maggie giggled and then explained, “He was thankin’ ya fer the welcome and sayin ya had nutin to worry o’er. I love yer author, so creative! I just ne’er see any Irish ones, are ye none?”

“You know Maggie, I’ve never looked before. If you don’t have to hurry off, we could take a look and see what we find.” I offered. “I’d love the help.”

Maggie started jumping up and down excitedly and looked to Siobhan, “Bang on! Mind?”

“Nah, that’d be fine.” Siobhan said and they all looked to me.

“Excellent!” I said and turned back to my desk. “Let me grab a few laptops and I’ll get you guys set up.”

I could hear them muttering to each other behind me while I ran around the lab, but it was far too fast for me to understand a single word. I took a deep breath still trying to get my frantic heart to slow as three monitors flickered to life.


It was fun to have foreign visitors in the lab for a little while and I hope the tales they helped me find are ones you’ll enjoy because they all have a little bit of Ireland in them.

This first yarn I have to deal ya is one that’s simply delicious called “This Life” by CaraNo The year is 2010, but ye old traditions are still upheld, especially in those small communities. Boys ask permission to start a courtin’ a girl and marriages are arranged for power or money instead of love. Of course when the boys that come around are the infamous Irish Cullen brothers, Edward and Emmett, there’s a mighty bit of wooing even though the girls have no other choice. That’s not the only thing because they’ll have to come to terms with the very real Cullen lifestyle.

This second deal is a bit of a lick and a promise titled “What Fills The Eye Fills the Heart” by TwoTwiMoms. One would think that as an erotic romance novelist, Bella would find her roommate’s animalistic “romps” more inspirational than annoying, but she just can’t take it any longer. With laptop in hand, Bella heads out to a local pub to find the inspiration she needs. At the pub, she meets a sexy, Irish bartender named Edward, who unknowingly drives her to a delicious distraction. Will this be a romance to last longer than a single chapter?

This third little bit is as short as the mythical creature in it, but won’t leave you wanting, called “A Real Boy” by Saritadreaming. It’s St. Patties day and while Alice and Emmett are busy getting the house ready for a very green celebration, Edward’s getting into a “little” trouble of his own, as he goes in search of a Leprechaun. Yes, they do exist. He just doesn’t realize the consequences of the wish he’s about to make.

My final deal will take you back an age and it’s titled, “She Was His First” by LJ Summers. This is a Mythical Celtic tale set in 500 B.C. and Edward is The Emrys - the Immortal. The blood-drinker's legend is well known amongst the people and even though he’s had many wives during his existence, he’s never been drawn to lay with any of them. They’ve simply been companions, but at the encouragement of one girl he brought back from the brink of death, he now seeks a true mate and takes Isa as his bride. Can he love her without killing her, keeping his promise?

To go along with all these Irish yarns, I think I’d recommend this drink called a “Celtic Twilight”

1oz Frangelico
1oz Irish Cream
1oz Irish Whiskey

Mixing Instructions:
Mix together with crushed ice in a glass and garnish with mint leaves

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The deal has been made. ;)


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